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First-Class Cocooning Lounge

A fantastic invitation to get some rest.

The world is spinning faster and faster. Places to decelerate are more desirable than ever. CocoOne is such a place. Just like protective hands the bright fabric wings enfold you in the comfortable CocoOne® Cocooning Lounge to create a sense of security and a space for individual relaxation.

CocoOne® meets the cocooning trend with a stylish aesthetic and satisfies our need for recreation and regeneration. The first class Cocooning Lounge makes quite an impression with its perfectly formed features, style and elegance.

CocoOne® is an exclusive relaxation lounge designed to accommodate up to two people indoors and outdoors. The two independently hinged swing doors protect the interior from the weather and environmental influences. In addition the swing doors shield guests from prying eyes and thereby create an exclusive privacy. CocoOne® also offers a degree of noise protection.  Ambient background noise is somewhat dampened, allowing you to better relax, sleep or read.

The opened rear swing doors create a large lounge area. This improved accessibility makes it possible to comfortably sit down and stand up. Opening the swing doors open on both sides uncovers over 2/3 of the reclining area. In combination with the increased reclining space CocoOne® provides a wonderful view of the beach, pool, sea, landscape, skyline and much more.

Luxus Lounge in den Weinbergen

Customizable areas


Spa area

Light on the horizon for hotels and spas. Guests can now feel quite comfortable even in inclement weather. The colored lighting system makes CocoOne® the highlight in the evening wellness landscape.

Beach & sea

A great day at the sea: CocoOne® offers protection from wind and air-borne sand, ensuring undisturbed pleasure on the beach. The exclusive Cocooning Lounge epitomizes contemporary style in the beach chair culture.

Terrace & garden

From early spring to late autumn: CocoOne® extends the outdoor season. Thanks to the Thera-Med® deep heat radiators, it is possible and even comfortable to spend the night outdoors in the winter.

Boats & yachts

Ideal for boats, yachts and cruise ships. Protected from the wind and sun CocoOne® creates an island for the elite. It’s an oasis of peace in troubled waters and an exclusive, protected view on deck.

Golf club

To “get into the swing of things” after a successful round of golf. Thanks to CocoOne® even passionate golfers can come and get some rest. Relax in private as an alternative to a social get-together in the clubhouse.

Ski & alpine hut

After a day of cavorting in the snow on skis or snowboards or after a casual mountain hike, CocoOne® creates a safe shelter and gives strength for the next adventure on the mountain.


For a power nap during a lunch break or a retreat for creative brainstorming. CocoOne® is also of excellent use in the business sector. CocoOne® offers staff a place to relax and recharge in preparation for new responsibilities.

Sea & swimming pool

Even on windy days you can enjoy a view of the sea or pool. What a dream! With CocoOne® you can leave the wind behind while the sun regenerates your heart and soul.

Unlimited retreat


There are interesting opportunities for VIP hospitality in the event, hotel, spa, culinary, glamping and catering sectors. The interior shelf provides room for e.g. beverages. CocoOne® can not only be placed outdoors but also in indoors areas, for example in spas, airports, train stations, highway rest stops and backstage areas at concerts and sporting events.

CocoOne® can be used anywhere people are looking to retreat, in order to relax, sleep, read, work or converse without being disturbed. One major advantage of CocoOne® is that it indisputably expands the balcony, garden and swimming pool season.  It is an innovative activity during transitional periods, a pleasurable way to bridge periods of bad weather and it “lengthens the days” for more enjoyment of the dawn and dusk hours.

CocoOne® offers a special novelty for the evening and nighttime hours. With its atmospheric lighting (optional) CocoOne® creates an appealing and soothing aura to cast a spell on the night owls among us.

Luxurious furnishing


In private 

Enjoy romantic togetherness or intimate solitude with a good book or good music. CocoOne® offers privacy and a soothing atmosphere under one (protective) roof. And it does this in style!


The latest generation of remote control. All of the CocoOne® technical features can be remote controlled with an iPad, including LED color, the deep heat radiators, the music system and the adjustable mattress base.

Reclining in comfort

CocoOne® puts your guests in a great position. The seating, head and feet surfaces can all be electronically customized. Now nothing stands in the way of a soothing nap.

LED colored light system

Colors have an effect on our bodies and souls. With so many colors it is easy to relax in the CocoOne® and to let go. And if it gets too intense the lighting can be dimmed. 

Consummate design

The CocoOne® design is characterized by soft streamline forms. The purity of the material and smooth curves convey a feeling of security. A highlight in any indoor and outdoor area.


Dermatologically friendly materials, high quality wood, precious metals: The materials used are ideally matched, complement each other and provide a feeling of comfort.

A sense of security

Sleep reassured. CocoOne® protects your guests in a tender embrace. It adds a great deal of luxury to spending the night outdoors. The comfort is evident thanks to comfortable mattresses.


Spend cool evenings in the open air. Keep dreaming into the twilight and gaze at the stars until late into the night. The deep heat radiator relaxation “a la CocoOne” has no limits.

Ample room

CocoOne® provides a space for deep relaxation and everything that goes with it. A shelf offers ample room for a glass of champagne or fruit juice, a book or smartphone, a snack or fruit plate.

Protection against insects

What a pleasure to sleep outdoors. A matching mosquito net to keep insects at bay. Now you can really relax under the open skies.

The sound of freedom

CocoOne® can be seen as well as heard. The integrated wireless hi-fi system, including high-end audio speakers, can easily be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

Protective sleeve

In the rare cases where CocoOne® is not in use there is a matching protective sleeve. It protects against dirt and wear and ensures that the lounge still looks new after a long break.

Countless opportunities

CocoOne® consists of a stable and mobile base, on which two fixed wall elements and two flexible swing doors are attached. The two swing doors each have one panel element with a textile cover. The cover is supported by the special arrangement of aluminum struts, which make the large swing doors very light and easy to operate.

There is a profile element, like a rain gutter, between the two swing doors. The closed swing doors cover this gutter in some areas. This provides for improved interior ventilation, while keeping the interior shielded from outside view and protecting it from the rain. The swing doors can be positioned at a 90 degree angle. It is also possible to open the swing doors at any angle, in order to counter glare from the sun or other external influences.

The round outside contours create special airflow conditions for air circulation/ventilation. This ventilation is a major advantage, since when the cocoon is closed it ensures a cozy atmosphere and brings air into the room. The additional convenience of the CocoOne® sun screen and wind protection can also be used. When it is preferable to entirely close the cover on a very hot day (for example, as a sun screen for improved relaxation), the unique ventilation prevents the interior from overheating in a very simple manner – particularly also when it is slightly windy). 

Thera-Med® deep heat radiators


CocoOne® can be equipped with two Thera-Med® deep heat radiators below the cover fixture.  The first class cocooning lounge can thus double as an infrared cabin.  An integrated timer can automatically turn off the deep heat radiators at a pre-set time. 

The infrared deep heat radiators are adjustable. When not in use they can be positioned out of sight so they are not visually distracting. 

This adjustability is also a particularly benefit when using CocoOne® as an infrared cabin. The infrared emitters can be brought closer to the area to be irradiated to improve the effects of the Thera-Med® deep heat feature.

iPad control


CocoOne® can be equipped with a Loxon Server and an iPad Air including Wi-Fi. The benefit of iPad control is that it can operate all of the electrical functions, such as colored lighting, infrared deep heat, the music system and the customizable height adjustments of the reclining surface.  The two deep heat radiators can also be connected so they can be operated or turned on and off independent of each other. 

Another advantage is that the iPad is a key function. Hence CocoOne® cannot be used when unattended without a configured iPad. 

In the hotel and spa sector it is possible to connect to their existing mobile ordering system. In this way guests can order drinks or meals via the iPad, which will then be immediately served by the waiters. In airports or train stations current departure times or waiting times can be displayed or accessed. A customer can also be alerted when it’s time to board via a “wake-up call”.

Get more informations

The CocoOne is currently not available. 
New orders will only be accepted after 2023 from 5 pieces. Thank you for your understanding!

Technical details


Size & Weight

length x width x height:
appr. 306 x 226 x 205 cm (maximum outer size when closed)
appr. 355 x 226 x 235 cm (maximum outer size when open)
sketch with dimensions

appr. 380kg (without a person) distributed among 4 circulation points

Reclining surface & cushions

On the mobile base there is an outdoor lounge area (reclining surface), including 6 cushions. The mattress and cushions are extremely lightfast (UV resistant) and very resistant to abrasions and hydrolysis. The surface cover is resistant to mildew, disinfectants, cold, heat, oil, bacteria, perspiration, saliva, salt and chlorine. In addition it is flame resistant, resistant to tearing, waterproof, hypoallergenic and - due to its high quality - long lasting. 

Flammability: DIN 75200, B1-At, 5.3 CH, FMVSS 302, DIN EN 1021 Parts 1+2, BS 5852 Part 1 +2, NFP 92-503 French standard, Lightfastness: DIN 75202, Bacteria and mold test: ISO 16869. In accordance with statutory provisions, the materials are free from Cd/AZO/CVC/PCP/PCT/formaldehyde and free from substances that are hazardous to the health. 


The fixed wall elements and flexible swing doors are covered with water vapor permeable membranes. It is thus even possible to spend the night in CocoOne® without moisture from dew being an issue. Condensation in the interior is minimized. Waterproof des. 808 white, 100% polyester, lightfastness 7 (outdoors).

Electrically adjustable reclining surface

In the standard package the height of the back area can be manually adjusted or pivoted. The height of the back and foot area of the bed can be adjusted via electronic remote control. You can improve comfort in the lounge by the adjusting the reclining area more to the body’s contours. It is also possible with this model to transform the mattress into a seating area. 

LED colored lighting system

One optional accessory for CocoOne® is an LED colored light system. The LED system is located in the center arm. Depending on equipment the LED system can be activated with a smartphone, remote control or iPad to change the lighting.

Audio system

CocoOne® is optionally equipped with a Sonos network system, including two speakers that can be used outdoors. You can play selections from your iTunes library, listen to your online music services and access thousands of free radio stations from around the globe.

Sleeping system for glamping

CocoOne® has found a balance between an actual outdoor experience and a certain level of comfort. The sleeping system includes a Comfort Mattress made with 5 cm high quality cold foam, including a fitted sheet and a handy storage bag.


Standard construction includes two wheels and a coupling element to connect to a transportation device. It is possible to easily relocate CocoOne® to the individually desired situation or position it as desired without a great deal of effort and without the assistance of another person. The independent transportation device is included with the basic equipment.

Wind and storm protection

There are stainless steel eyebolts located in base of the Cocoon, providing a place to mount safety harness hooks. This makes it possible to affix the lounge to the ground (using a ground anchor), so that it cannot be moved by wind or storms.

Electrical connection

When using electrical components the following electrical connection is required:
Power supply with a 3 x 2.5m cable/voltage: 230V/fuse protection: circuit breaker 16A, tripping characteristic c/output: 1200 watts (infrared, LED, audio, lifting functions)